Auto-i BSD1000 Blind Spot Detection System Rydeen BL-612PM | Universal Front / Rear Parking Sensor System with Display | 6 Sensors Compustar RF-2WG9-SP | 2-Way LED Remote Starter with FT6200SCONT BLACKVUE DR500GW Wi-Fi Full HD Driving Recorder | DR500GW Dash Camera
Auto-i BSD1000 Blind Spot Detection System works automatically when the turn signal (left or right) is activated. Two high performance sensors mounted to the rear bumper provide a *view* of your vehicles blind spots, and if a vehicle or object is detected the BSD1000 will trigger a warning to the driver. Add a feature to your existing vehicle that is becoming standard on many new vehicles today!
Rydeen's 6 Parking Sensor System is designed to give you the confidence to park your vehicle in any tight space without fear of scratches or scrapes. Outside Mount Type. For both Metal and Plastic Bumper. Paintable Sensor Heads.
The Compustar RF-2WG9 remote starter system is our most popular 2 way remote starters. Why? It offers a small and durable remote and the pricing cannot be matched. Click here to learn more about this system
The BLACKVUE DR500GW is a Full High Definition (1920x1080p) Wi-Fi enabled 1-channel dash camera from BlackVue. The DR500GW is one of the premier 1-channel HD Wi-Fi dash cams on the market.