BLACKVUE DR650GW High Definition 2-Channel Driving Recorder | DR650GW Dash Camera BLACKVUE DR500GW Wi-Fi Full HD Driving Recorder | DR500GW Dash Camera idatalink BZ3 Mercedes Benz Plug and Play Remote Starter / Mercedes Benz Remote Starter FORVIEW FC-H100L 2-Channel Dash Camera with 3.5 inch Touchscreen
The BLACKVUE DR650GW is a Full High Definition (1920x1080p) 2-channel dash camera from BlackVue. The DR650GW is one of the best 2-channel HD wi-fi enabled dash cams on the market, offering both front and rear HD recording! The BLACKVUE DR500GW is a Full High Definition (1920x1080p) Wi-Fi enabled 1-channel dash camera from BlackVue. The DR500GW is one of the premier 1-channel HD Wi-Fi dash cams on the market.
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The FORVIEW FC-H100L by Batio is a 2 channel dash camera with a built in 3.5" touchscreen. Touchscreen dash cameras are cool, they allow you to access a lot of features and menus without having to connect to a computer, plus you can also watch your recorded footage and view the cameras in real time as well, which is a huge plus.